Welcome to my homepage! This is, basically, a placeholder page, while I get the site together and ready to launch. Once it’s up and running, I plan to include: a weekly blog about living with food allergies (corn, primarily, for me), with allergy-safe recipes, in THE KITCHEN section; among other things. Stay tuned for updates!

~ Dor

Coming Soon!

COMING SOON, at DorsHouse:

In THE KITCHEN: Living with a CORN allergy

In the CRAFT ROOM: Upcycling old clothing into something totally YOU!


I’m a middle-aged woman living with moderately severe osteo-arthritis, and food allergies… while making a living as a truck driver, supporting a family, and trying to make time for going back to school. Sounds like a wonderful life? It IS, actually – join me, in learning: new ways to live without CORN PRODUCTS; how to reduce arthritis pain and inflammation through diet and lifestyle…

The Kitchen

Hello world!

Welcome to The Kitchen! Coming, in the near future, will be info about food allergies in general, living with a CORN allergy (yes, that’s a real thing, and it’s a pain in the kiester to manage!), recipes, shopping tips, and so forth. Look for the first post soon!


I don’t give out my address and phone number on the web. I will, however, be adding a link, soon, for email.