Ok… Lemme explain this “little” game. It’s about Russian stacking dolls, Facing (Non)deadly challenges, and general tomfoolery. (Is that even a word…?) What’s so appealing is the charm behind it all. Developed and produced by Double Fine Productions, this game is full of humor and personality that brings it to life. There’s no real life threatening race against time like you’d see in most AAA games today, it’s all really just puzzle solving, but it is presented in such a way that it’s easy to become hooked and drawn in right away. The only real disappointment I had with it was that it was just not long enough. That being said, it is a title that I fully enjoyed and would recommend to anyone with a few bucks to spare.
The game is available on the following consoles…
It can be purchased through Steam for Linux and Windows users.
Rating 4.5/5